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Hunan Huawei aerospace special materials Co., Ltd., located in the Shaoshan hi-tech development zone, is engaged in the R & D, manufacturing and application of titanium, zirconium, hafnium, rare earth materials and its binary compound or polycompound (carbide, nitride, silicide, boride, sulfide) and other nano, sub-nano ceramic powder and related products.

The Company possesses 8 R & D personnel, including one doctoral supervisor, one with post-doctoral degree, one with doctor degree and three with master degrees. The Company owns 7 invention and utility model patents. Our Company has developed long-term relationships with Chinese Academy of Science, Hunan University, Central South University and other domestic well-known research institutes, universities and colleges.

About Hunan Huawei aerospace special materials Co., Ltd.,


Preparation of special powder by high frequency thermal plasma

High-frequency induction thermal plasma has the characteristics of high energy density, high temperature and fast cooling rate, and is one of the important means to prepare special powders.

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