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Spherical Niobium powder with 45-105 Microns

Niobium powder is used as a nuclear fuel cladding material, nuclear fuel alloy additive, and heat exchanger knot manufacture valves, nozzles and other high temperature parts.Hunan Huawei provides high-quality Niobium powder at competitive prices.

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Niobium is the refractory metal with high melting point, high temperature strength and specific strength, but no radioactivity. It is the preferred thermal protection material and structural material for aerospace engines. Radio frequency plasma spheroidized niobium powder has the characteristics of high sphericity, good fluidity, high purity, high bulk density, full density inside the particle, and no hollow powder. It is widely used in palladium materials, vacuum coating and thermal spraying coating, cold spraying, and other fields.

TRM provides Spherical Niobium Powder, Nano Niobium Powder, and Micro Niobium Powder. Please contact us for more details.

Synonyms: Nb spherical particles, niobium Spherical particles, niobium spherical powders, niobium metal spherical powder

Powder characteristics:

High purity (99.9% min.)

Low oxygen (can be less than 600 ppm)

High sphericity (98% min.)

Smooth surface, no satellite

Uniform particle size distribution, excellent flowability (Hall Flow Rate ≤ 15.0 s/50 g)

High bulk density (≥ 4.5 g/cm3) and tap density (≥ 5.5 g/cm3)

Applicable Processes:

Selective laser melting / electron beam melting (SLM / EBM)

Direct laser deposition (DLD)

Powder hot isostatic pressing (HIP)

Metal injection molding (MIM)

Powder metallurgy (PM)

Laser cladding (LC), etc.

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